Meet Suki Waterhouse

suki waterhouse

Model & Actress 

British-born beauty, Suki is currently the face of Burberry and has several upcoming movie roles. She has appeared on the covers of Tatler, Elle UK, Allure UK, and appeared in Vogue, Love Magazine, Stylist, and Vogue Japan.

BORN IN: London, England 

HOW SHE WAS DISCOVERED: Walking around Oxford Street when she was 17.

HAIR MISHAPS: “When I was growing up, I butchered my hair at 2:00 in the morning... You know when you want a change… My bangs… I've let them grow out, I usually cut them back in. I've done it in my bedroom before. It's not a great idea. I don’t recommend it!”

ON HER HAIR COLOR: “Blonde is natural for me. I'm one of four, we're all blonde. I went brunette for a movie and I always wanted to go brunette. I've got these twixy eyebrows that are black, so it was cool to see what it was like, and it was really nice.”

NICKNAME: Suki is actually her nickname. Her first name is Alice. 

HER OBSESSION: “I've got three younger brothers and sisters, and I'm just so into knowing what's going on in their lives and just guiding them through. Music, photography, taking pictures, acting. I love going to the studio and writing music. I want to write a book in the next few years.” 

CHARITY: “She is an ambassador for her father’s charity, Facing the World. Her father is a craniofacial and plastic surgeon, and the charity offers facial reconstructive surgery in the UK for children from the developing world with severe facial disfigurements who cannot be treated in their own countries.” 

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